• All About Cats

  • Cats are a source of endless amusement, puzzlement, entertainment, and love. There are a wealth of excellent resources on the internet to help you train your pet. Some of the sites we like are:

    Tidy Cats.com - A commercial website with very good general health and behaviour info.

    Crafty Cat - Excellent, quick behaviour reference.

    Cornell University's Vet Department - Top notch cat info. Worth checking out.

    PetMD - Check out the Cat Care Centre at PetMD. Learn about cat health, care, emergencies and more.

  • More Information About Cats

    Before You Declaw Your Cat...

    Stop and Think... Is this really the right thing to do for my cat? This full article can be found at drandyroark.com

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    Cat Behaviour

    Cats are independent and sometimes difficult to figure out. Their behaviours can be confounding but more often amusing or entertaining. All the same, [...]

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    Cat Proofing Your Home

    Bringing a new cat home can be exciting but it can also be stressful. If you do not have cats now and have never had cats before, you may find your [...]

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    Choosing a Cat

    Cats make wonderful pets. They are affectionate, playful, interested in their surroundings, and have individual personalities. Cats do not need as [...]

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    Training a Cat

    Cats do not train quite like dogs and are more responsive to some 'aversion' therapies like spray from water bottles. There are many thoughts on the [...]

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